Colourful and Coconutty Yogurt Popsicles

Colourful Coconutty-Yogurt Popsicles We spend a lot of time making food in our house. (At least) three meals a day plus (what seems like endless) snacks. Sometimes it’s a battle getting my eldest son to eat anything fresh. Alternatively it can be a battle getting my daughter to eat anything filling. My husband and I […]

Everybody Knows Raymond

I’ve walked by this sign on Mayfield Avenue at least once a week for all of the three years that my daughter has been attending classes at the Swansea School of Dance at Windermere and Mayfield. I knew that I knew the name, but couldn’t place it. And maybe Raymond would have enjoyed that fact? […]

UFFI Schmoofi?

Have you seen this acronym before: UFFI? It stands for Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation. It sounds scary, and it’s been banned in Canada since 1980. But it’s one of those things that maybe isn’t totally deserving of it’s toxic status. Not knocking those who believe they’ve suffered as a result of the insulation. Not at […]

More About Me

Over a decade ago, my husband and I bought our first home in Regina, Saskatchewan for $62,000. I LOVE telling people from Toronto the purchase price of that home. It usually blows their minds! Due to a growing economy and a major renovation, we sold two years later for over $90,000. We upgraded to a […]