Consulting Services


Information is always free – let’s strengthen our community by sharing it! Need a nanny? I’ll ask around. Which family Docs are taking new patients? I can find out. Where can you find Hagen Daas in the ‘hood? I don’t know all of these things personally (except where to find gourmet ice cream) but I know lots of people who are happy to share what they know because they’re great. Whether you’re a new or existing resident, aren’t you happy that you’re part of this community?

Reno Planner

Many of you who are are married probably hired a Wedding Planner. I did. Without our planner, we’d have had a rogue flower girl throwing petals in Auntie Violet’s face and our reception decorations would have consisted of one-ply brown paper towels. You know the ones from elementary school?

What I’m trying to say here is that weddings are blissful, beautiful, momentous occasions: that are hella complicated and stressful to plan! Renovations are even more complicated and stressful; and unfortunately they almost all last longer than one memorable day.

Let’s sit down and talk about your project.

Project Management Consultation

What you need is an ally for your renovation.  Someone who’s in your corner.  Someone who works only for you.  Someone who can speak “house”.  Someone who knows her way around a job-site.  Someone who knows qualified and reliable tradespeople, contractors, engineers.  Someone who knows how to stick to a budget and timeline.  Wait!  That’s me!

Let me hold your hand through part or all of your project.


Renovations can be seriously “un-fun. ”Even the “good” renovations are stressful: But if you can make it through the process, your home will be oh-so-worth-it. The icing on the cake is that you may qualify for refunds or rebates based on the torture, I mean, transformation of your home. What would be better than sitting on a beach, drinking a piña colada, paid for by the proceeds of your renovation rebates?

Let’s see if you’re qualified for any programs.