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The philosophies that shape my view of the “Agent” have developed over more than a decade of personal real estate transactions. I have experienced some of the best and worst of what the industry has to offer. Don’t get me wrong; I have high regard for the role of the Salesperson. If done properly, a Realtor can add immense value to a transaction. And in a nutshell, that’s my goal: to add value.1

Dear Buyers,

You are in good company but there’s no comfort in that: only competition! These days, it’s not unusual for homes to be listed for just a week before an offer date. Worse still, some sell sooner than that if there’s a “pre-emptive” offer. Things move fast, competition is fierce, emotions run wild! The current market has all the essential elements of a Hollywood blockbuster. But I love a good Underdog story. I want to see you get the home you want in our fabulous neighbourhood and I can help you get there.

The Resident Effect

I only work in my community.  That means, I live, work, play and shop local. I know the schools, teachers, daycares, clinics, parks, shops and restaurants. Those who know me will attest that I rarely leave the neighbourhood by choice. My world is small and that’s good for you. Here is a pic of my stomping grounds, more or less: 2image001

I have a good idea of what goes on around the ‘hood at different times and on different days. Saturdays don’t unfold the same as Tuesdays for example: just as midday differs from mornings and evenings. Essentially I know the lay of the land on a micro level. In fact, a friend told me recently that he’s “most likely to see me randomly walking around the neighbourhood than anyone else he knows.” I see this as a compliment.

I can help you get a good idea of what life in the neighbourhood will be like. This can have a major impact on your decision to buy. Say, for example, we are touring a home which you feel has some shortcomings; but information I can provide about the overall neighbourhood may make a purchase worthwhile. Or, you may find a home you love, and I may be able to share some undesireable information about the surroundings that would cause you to keep looking.

I believe we should not view house shopping in isolation. You’re purchasing more than a house. You’re buying a piece of a neighbourhood. The more information you have about the neighbourhood, the less likely you may be to have Buyer’s remorse after sinking a cool Mill (or more…) into a house with a “great location” only to find that Commercial garbage pickup happens at 5AM every Saturday and Sunday! Further to this, I think all this information goes a long way to getting you and your family settled faster. 3

Dear Sellers,

As you probably know, Toronto is in the throes of an extreme “Seller’s” market. Selling a home, is like picking low-hanging fruit. There are many Buyers and not many Sellers. So what can I do for you?

It’s all about the Benjamins:

I know this is an American saying but, “It’s all about the “Sir Robert L. Bordens” just doesn’t roll off the tongue. At any rate, the way I work typically can save you money.  Please contact me for details.

What else? I can help price you right. Is that English? Maybe not but you get my drift. Even though it’s the land of Milk and Honey out there for Sellers, you still want to get all you can for your home. What sells? And at what price? What doesn’t sell immediately? Why not?

I know what Buyers want. Caveat: I will never guarantee that your home will sell for $X over asking price with X offers: but I’m very dialed-in to what’s desirable in our neighbourhood and that goes a long way in marketing and pricing your home to maximize your return.

A little Learning Goes a Long Way:

For all of you out there: I have a certificate in Home Inspection from Carson Dunlop College. This helps us in a couple of ways. We can walk through your home, or a home you’re interested in and identify issues and proper practices at the same time. I can also help you decipher a pre-sale inspection report. What’s important to you as a Buyer or Seller? What’s not? What we see on inspection reports and while walking through a house doesn’t not tell us everything: it’s a snapshot of the home at a particular moment in time, however, things that sound scary, aren’t always a big deal; while other items could end up costing you! 5


The market is hot! I can’t guarantee that you will have the best bid on a particular home. And I can’t tell you how many bids you will receive on your home. But I can do all of the above for you to ensure you have the best experience possible, and are well informed about what you’re buying and selling in the process.

In summary: Save money. Maximize return. Awesome. Learn More about real estate here!

1 The views and opinions expressed on this page or any page in this website are those of Andrea Beitel only and in in no way reflect the opinions or official position of iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage.  Andrea Beitel is a Salesperson of iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage.  1-877-306-IPRO.
2 If you need help outside this area, I’m happy to refer you to the best of the best!
3 I am not omnipotent. I won’t claim to know everything about everyone, or every place in the areas in which I work. But I pride myself on knowing a lot and I believe that goes a long way.
4 Please call or email me for details on commissions.
5 I am not a Registered Home Inspector. A home inspection of any kind is usually a one-time visual and performance inspection and is not technically exhaustive. A walk through does not constitute a home inspection